Free WEBINAR for hsc students and parents

How to Study and Ace the New HSC English Syllabus

Hosted by
Rowan Kunz
September 30th
18:00 AEST

Struggle when studying for HSC English? Want to perform better when you start Year 12 next term?

In this Webinar we'll cover:

A step-by-step breakdown of the course

You'll get an in-depth and straight-forward overview of the entire HSC English course and every single Module!

The top key skills EVERY student needs to ace the HSC

Develop clarity on the key skills you're going to need to excel in English in Year 12. Find out how it differs to Year 11!

In-depth study plans that are proven to work

How to structure your weekly study and how to create a proven study plan to get CONSISTENT work done.

A no-nonsense guide for the whole school year

Identify what you need to be doing from Week 1 of next term so that you can stay ahead and never fall behind.

How Band 6 students write study notes

We'll show you how to write your study notes for HSC English so you're ready to write essays quickly and succinctly.

How to nail your HSC English assessments

How to prepare for your HSC English assessments so you can maximise your marks throughout the year.


About Brooklyn Arnot

Brooklyn is our Head of English at Art of Smart Education, and has a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) (Honours) from Sydney University.

In this workshop, she's going to answer your questions and draw upon the best ways to help you tackle the HSC English Year 12 syllabus!

She has extensive English teaching experience, supporting over 100+ students through the HSC via both classes and 1 on 1 support. She is the co-host of the online TV Show, The HSC English Literature Program which features in-depth analysis on HSC English Prescribed Texts, and is a new HSC English Syllabus Expert.  

September 30th
18:00 AEST
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