Free WEBINAR for hsc students and parents

How to Step Up From Year 11 and Ace Year 12

Hosted by
Rowan Kunz
October 1st
18:00 AEST

Starting Year 12 in Term 4 2020? Want to get a head start so you can ace your HSC?

In this Webinar we'll cover:

Band 6 secrets for writing epic study notes

We'll take you through the best ways to structure your study notes and why it's critical to get ahead in class!

How to set reachable and achievable goals

Get motivated and learn how to study smart as we show you how to set the right goals to ace Year 12 and the HSC.

Prove study plans that actually work

How to structure your weekly study and how to create a proven study plan to get CONSISTENT work done.

How to stay off your phone and keep on task

We'll teach you specific strategies you can use to stay motivated, minimise procrastination and avoid distractions.

The #1 way to boost your memory

Learn highly effective study strategies you can implement to boost your memory retention and keep content in your head!

How to avoid HSC burnout

How to stay healthy, deal with the increased stress and workload of Year 12 all while avoiding HSC burnout.


About Rowan Kunz

Rowan Kunz is the CEO of Art of Smart Education, a multi-award winning provider of world-class tutoring and mentoring, whose mission is to help students confidently answer the question, "What do I do with my life when I finish school and how do I get there?"

In this workshop, he's going to answer your questions and help you develop a clear plan of attack to tackle Term 1 of Year 12 and study smart!

Over the last decade Rowan worked with over 20,000 high school students across Australia. He has conducted 10 years of research with the Top 2% of students in Australia, is the author of the book, Secrets of HSC Success Revealed and his presentations and videos have been viewed over 1.5MN times on Youtube.

Rowan also has a Bachelor of Arts/Law (Honours) from Sydney University, and achieved an ATAR of 99.6 while playing soccer at an elite level for NSW.

October 1st
18:00 AEST
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